50 Years in 50 Languages

The children at the Hampstead Downstairs Children’s House created a very special poster for the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The poster shows how to say ’50 Years’ in all the different languages that are native to the children and staff in the classroom:

1. English

2. Shona

3. Gujarati

4. Hindi

5. Dutch

6. Danish

7. German

8. Yoruba

9. Wolof

10. Bulgarian

11. Spanish

12. Polish

13. Hebrew

14. Italian

15. Japanese

16. Turkish

17. Mandarin

18. Korean

19. Russian

20. Punjabi


Parents and staff from the other sites have added to the list:

21. Hungarian (Ötven év)

22. Greek (Peninta Hronia)

23. Welsh (Hanner can mlynedd)


Could you help us make this 50 languages?  If you are a parent at the school, please send us the words for 50 years in your language to 50thcelebration@mariamontessori.org.