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Maria Montessori Institute is committed to scientific research to show the effectiveness of the Montessori approach.

You can read some of the published articles on the AMI website.


The Maria Montessori Institute holds a number of documents and materials dating back to the courses held by Maria and Mario Montessori. Thanks to the generosity of  the Westridge fund, we have been able to sort, catalogue and scan these documents so that they may be used by researchers from around the world.

Items in the archive include a bound set of Dr Montessori’s lectures given at the first international course in 1913 in Rome and papers relating to the 1957-58 Elementary Course held in London by Mario Montessori, including hand painted charts and notes taken in lectures.

The MMI archive supplements the main archive held at the AMI Head Office in Amsterdam.

Donations of materials and documents to the archive are always welcome.