Call for Papers – could you deliver a workshop at The Montessori Conference 2019?

Be part of The Montessori Conference 2019 organised by UK Montessori training institutions to celebrate 100 years of the first training delivered by Maria Montessori in London in 1919.

This high-profile event will offer all those interested in the education of children an opportunity to deliver and participate in a diverse range of workshops tailored to the needs of Montessori practitioners, managers and owners of schools, parents, the wider education community and policy makers and politicians.

Have you been involved in research or do you have expertise in one of these areas?

● Montessori and adolescence / Montessori primary 6 -12/ Montessori nursery 3-6/Montessori under threes in the home or a community/Montessori and dementia
● Leadership and marketing for schools
● Sustainability in the classroom / learning outdoors/ technology in the classroom
● Observation/ importance of movement in children’s development/ executive functioning and creativity / language and communication

Would you like to share your findings and experiences at one of the conference workshops?

Please put together your proposal for the workshop using this call for papers form and submit it for consideration to the conference panel by 23rd April 2019.