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Our School in “Lockdown” and Beyond

What an incredible journey we have all had together over the past few months, dealing with the restrictions of lockdown and our fear and sadness at the impact of the pandemic. We couldn’t go to school, we couldn’t go out, we couldn’t see family and friends but here at the Maria Montessori School for 2-12-year-olds we kept […]

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Blog: Letting Children Listen to their Natural Instincts

Parents around the world, are facing many challenges as they spend more time at home with their families due to Covid-19. They may feel under pressure to find time for work, to keep the household running and to keep the children busy and occupied. They will be spending time searching for creative ideas that will engage […]

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Blog: How can we “offer them the Universe”?

Maria Montessori discovered that at around the age of six children enter a new plane of development which will last until they are around 12 years old. What is unique to this period in a child’s life? How can we best support children at this age both as educators and as parents? And how can […]

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Blog: Gratitude and Montessori: Feeling thankful this festive season

At this time of year when the giving and receiving of gifts is foremost in our minds, let us take a moment to think about the value of gratitude, why it is important for children’s future well-being and how we can encourage children to adopt gratitude in their daily lives. At our school in our […]

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Blog: Why the UN’s Rights of the Child are at the heart of Montessori

Our Acting Deputy Head of School, Karen Gelson writes: This month in our school we will be celebrating Universal Children’s Day which honours the day on which the United Nation’s Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. The Rights of the Child according to the United Nations are the right […]

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Blog: Why Montessori school trips are different

Our Acting Head of School, Poinsy Pino writes: I recently visited a museum and observed some children from another school on a trip with their teacher. The children had arrived in a coach and were counted into the building. They stayed in their large group and were moved quickly through the museum following the lead […]

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