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Neuroscientist warns young brains being re-wired by technology

Baroness Susan Greenfield: “As a neuroscientist I am very aware that the brain adapts to its environment – if you’re placed in an environment that encourages, say, a short attention span, which doesn’t encourage empathy or interpersonal communication, which is partially addictive or compulsive…all these things will inevitably shape who you are.” Full article here

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Playful Learning and Montessori Education

Dr Angeline Lillard’s latest research on fantasy: “Regarding children’s love of and need for fantasy, recent research suggests that our tendency to think young children prefer fantasy may be misguided.” Click here for the full article.

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Why Dividing Us by Age in School Doesn’t Make Sense

“Given that people are curious and interested in different topics at different times, we believe that building a flexible class system for students is the best way for them to develop and grow. Forcing a child to study a rigid curriculum throughout the years can be inhibiting.” Read on here for more insights on age grading in […]

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Curiosity: It Helps Us Learn, But Why?

“The brain’s chemistry changes when we become curious, helping is better learn and retain information.” Read on here and don’t forget to share using the buttons below.

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Hands on learning

The child learns through what he does with his hands. Shouldn’t education look like this for every child? Visit the MMI YouTube page for more Montessori videos.

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