Harmonious Development – MEUK 2017 Conference

Montessori Education UK is organising its Annual Conference on Harmonious Development on Saturday 13 May 2017, 9.45am – 4.30pm, at The Rembrandt Hotel, London SW7

Montessori made discoveries based on her observations in Children’s Houses that were ground-breaking in her time. Dr. Annette Haines will discuss some of the latest research on movement, cognition, and attention which demonstrates that Montessori is not only still relevant today but that, perhaps, modern science is just starting to catch up. Dr. Haines’ talk will focus on why movement is so connected with learning, and the development of executive functions.

Harmony in the child is nurtured by a harmonious team. In the afternoon Alex Shepherd will look at the perspective Montessori can give us to enable successful and harmonious teamwork.

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