Lead and Direct: Montessori School Leadership Workshop

Participants gathered from all over Europe and beyond for MMI”s Montessori school leadership workshop, which took place last week.

Presented by Peter Davidson, Assistant Head of School at Montessori in Redlands, California USA, the workshop explored the principles and practice of successful school management from a refreshingly Montessori perspective. Presentations and discussions focused on the challenges faced by school leaders including leadership, hiring and supporting teachers and working with parents. Peter’s vast experience coupled with his energetic, entertaining delivery style made for a very stimulating 3 days.

Participants came from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that ranged from 30 years of running a school to those in the planning stages for a new one, which led to interesting dialogue and provided plenty of opportunity to learn from each other. Amazingly, in just 3 days relationships were formed that will help participants to support each other in the future.

Everyone went home with what one participant described as a ‘treasure trove’ of inspirational ideas.

It is hoped that MMI will run the course again. Please contact us if you are interested.

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