0-3 Diploma Course Handouts

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Student Handbook & Protocols

MMI Student Handbook 0-3 Course 2019 – 2020
MMI Remote Learning Protocols 2020

Observation Video Links & Tasks

Online Course Resources

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Study Outlines





Supervised Practice

Supervised Practice Requirements London 2020
Supervised Practice Hours – Log



Reading List
Concept Bibliography


Syllabus and Material Making Requirements

Syllabus – AMI Diploma Assistants to Infancy (0-3)
0-3 Diploma Course – Student Work Checklist


Instructions for Creating Albums

Helpful Tips for Finishing Albums
Guidelines for Finished Albums


Medical Text

Medical Text 2019-2020


Child Neuropsychiatry


Development of Language


Work of the Brain


Personality Development


Community Environments



Music and Art

Practical Life

Practical Life Food
(Recipe Ideas for Young Children prepared and shared by students on the AMI 0-3 Diploma Course at TMI Denver, USA)

Grace and Courtesy


Home Environment

The Environment in General

The Environment 0-5 Months

0-5 Months Handouts

Objects for Transportation

The Environment 5-12 Months

The Environment 12 – 36 Months




Observation Guidance


Other Patterns


Psycho-Sensory Motor Development

PSMD Missing Measurements

Introduction to Timeline and Movement

Group 1

Instructions for Making Mobiles & Baby Toys

Group 1 Illustrations – Mobiles

Group 1 Illustrations – Tactile & Auditory

Group 2A

Group 2A Illustrations

Group 2B

Group 2B Illustrations

Group 3A

Group 3A Illustrations

Group 3A Illustrations – Other Nido Furniture

Group 3A Illustrations – Materials Used at Many Stages of Equilibrium

Group 3B

Group 3B Illustrations

Group 4


Four Planes

Absorbent Mind

Human Tendencies


Freedom & Limits

History of A to I Work

Maria Montessori Life & Work


Preparation & Role of the Adult

Prepared Environment

Psychic Deviations & Normalisation

Sensitive Periods


Teaching Practice

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