Professional Development Bursary for Recent AMI Graduates

We are delighted to announce a £480 professional development bursary for all recent AMI Diploma 3-6 graduates and staff at Maria Montessori Institute teaching practice schools.

Our Post Diploma Bursary funds nearly a third of the course fees for our MMI Observation Course – Post Diploma starting in October 2023. This unique course is highly respected in the Montessori community and offers students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the role of observation in the Children’s House. You will join like-minded Montessorians on the course and discover scientific observation techniques and apply these with children you are working with.

The bursary is intended to support Montessori teachers and children as a response to Covid and Post-Covid disruption. You are eligible for the bursary if you have graduated with an AMI Diploma 3-6 from MMI or any AMI centre in the last 3 years or if you are an AMI Diploma 3-6 graduate working at an MMI teaching practice school. This is the first time we have offered a bursary for this course.

We do hope you will take up this offer as students find the Post Diploma transformational for their practice – this blog explains why it is so special.

Apply for the course and access the bursary