Rochelle Cutler – Becoming a Montessori Parenting Consultant

Rochelle Cutler, AMI Diploma 0-3 and 3-6 graduate says:

“I started studying the AMI Diploma 0-3 in 2014 because I wanted to understand children under two and to support families during these vital formative years. I knew an AMI course would be comprehensive and inspiring because I had also completed the AMI Diploma 3-6 in 2004. The 3-6 Diploma was a truly eye-opening experience for me that was very different to the traditional rote-learning, rewards and punishments system I had been brought up with. Afterwards, I worked in Montessori schools and as a nanny but I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with more families. So, I started a business providing Montessori toddler groups, parenting workshops and 1-2-1 parenting support. I was confident helping families with slightly older children but not under twos, so I decided to sign up for the 0-3 Diploma.

The AMI Diploma 0-3 was a really empowering experience, giving me a deep understanding of the child from conception to three years old. The level of teaching was outstanding, and I felt supported and valued as a student. Our trainers were knowledgeable about every aspect of human development and our lectures were enhanced with interesting anecdotes from their many years of experience. They answered all my questions about newborns and toddlers with strategies I could implement directly with families. And because we had to complete many hours of direct observations, I discovered many patterns within children’s development and I finally understood the needs of tiny children! Montessori theories allow us to see humans from a completely different perspective. Successful parenting and teaching is about guiding natural human instincts that are universal throughout all cultures.

After the completing the AMI Diploma 0-3, I could support other teachers and families to set up their homes and schools to help children reach their potential. I set up more toddler groups and added baby groups and more parenting workshops to share my new knowledge. I developed huge confidence in helping families from all walks of life, and parents consistently express their gratitude and astonishment at how we can easily solve their challenges using simple Montessori principles! I have also been able to support other teachers and nursery practitioners to understand children better and use positive discipline strategies to enhance their own settings.

An AMI Diploma course is top quality, authentic Montessori teacher training. It will involve lots of coursework, direct practical experiences and observations and you will create a thorough foundation to use going forwards. I continue to go to AMI Refresher Courses to continue my personal development and I always learn something new from these as well. Training with the Maria Montessori Institute has literally changed my life and given me so many opportunities. If you’re wondering whether it’s better than any other teacher training my answer is yes, go for it!”