At what age can I register my child?
You may register your child as soon as they are born. Most places are offered to children who are 2 ½ to 3 but occasionally places are available for other ages.

Can my child join the Elementary class if they have not been in the Children’s House?
If your child has been at another Montessori school  and there is a place available then you would be welcome to apply. We do not usually accept children in to Elementary who have not been educated in a Montessori environment.

Will there be an opportunity to visit my preferred site?
Yes, you will be invited to attend when your child is age appropriate. There may be opportunities to observe at your chosen site. Please contact the schools administrator by phone or email.

If my child has been in the Children’s House are they guaranteed a place in the Elementary?
Yes, all children who attend our Children’s House are automatically guaranteed a place in our Elementary.

Can my child attend for a few sessions a week rather than every day?
Children benefit developmentally from attending 5 days a week so our Children’s Houses only offer a 5-day programme. However, at Hornsey Rise (Crouch End) there is an Introductory class where children between the ages of 2 – 3 years may attend for 2 to 5 mornings per week.

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?

Is your school registered for the Nursery Education Grant?

Will my child stay all day?
Schools starts at 8.45am. Younger children leave at midday. When your child is ready they will be invited to stay for lunch and the afternoon.

Do you offer afterschool care?
No, although Elementary children may attend afterschool clubs.