Montessori Elementary (Primary)

At the age of 6, children who have attended a Montessori Children’s House  transfer to our Elementary classes located at Hampstead and Bayswater. These mixed age classes provide a dynamic and collaborative environment where children learn through debate, discussion and research . Children will have developed independence of thought and action, confidence, intellectual curiosity, concentration, self-discipline and enthusiasm for learning in the Children’s House which is strengthened and built upon during their time in the Elementary.

Montessori Elementary meets the changing needs of children, and responds to their expanding view of the world around them. At this stage, children are ready for more complex work as they move towards abstract ways of thinking. Many new materials are introduced as they develop their imagination to embrace concepts beyond their immediate environment.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary and academically challenging. It covers the full range of subjects required by the National Curriculum while maintaining essential Montessori principles and much emphasis is placed on the interconnection between different areas of study.

Children work individually and in groups, on projects and themes that spark their interest. The teacher’s role is to guide them in their research, and to provide information in such a way that they learn to make full use of a library, reference books and the internet.

Core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History. Integrated with these are activities such as Art, Drama, Sport and Music.