A very special ‘Special Visitors Day’ at Bayswater

Valentine Karsenty, a parent at our Bayswater site, shares her experience at her last Special Visitors Day at the Children’s House:


“This year has marked our sixth year attending the ‘Special Visitor’s Day’ at the Bayswater Children’s House. Our younger son will soon be making the transition from the Children’s House to Elementary School.

Each year we find ourselves giddy as little children upon passing the threshold of the school’s door in our anticipation at discovering our child’s favorite activities.  Our son has also been very keen to share what he is inspired by in the environment and he beams with a sense of inner pride at the feats he accomplishes with curiosity, perseverance and profound joy.

Whether it involved presenting how they pieced together a binomial cube to building the roman arch or whether it encompassed the present day’s interests of sewing a button to doing the subtraction snake, we have been very moved to witness how our boys have developed a firm foundation intellectually and emotionally for their scholastic experience but more importantly for their entire lives.”