The Montessori Conference 2019 – tickets on sale

We’re excited to announce that ticket sales are now open for The Montessori Conference 2019. Join us as we celebrate the brilliant and innovative Montessori Approach – a special ticket offer awaits those who sign up early.

Professor Angeline Lillard and Professor Michael Thomas are part of a programme of globally recognised speakers at the conference on the 28th September at London’s QEII Centre. The event is hosted by Montessori Centre International, Maria Montessori Institute, Bournemouth Montessori Centre and The Montessori Partnership.

Renowned Montessori expert and psychology professor Dr Lillard will deliver a keynote speech on her latest research on the outcomes of Montessori education. Educational Neuroscientist Professor Thomas will consider recent evidence on sensitive periods in brain development, the social brain, the predictive brain and the adolescent brain and how these topics link to the pedagogical concepts underpinning the Montessori approach.

Go to The Montessori Conference 2019 website to find out more and book.