AMI Montessori Diploma 6-12

The purpose of the Elementary course is to study, in depth, Montessori pedagogy and practice for children between 6 and 12.

Entry Requirements
Minimum of degree or equivalent and successful interview. In the absence of a degree life experience will be considered.

Course Format
29th March 2016 – 7th September 2018 in 6 study modules*

Module 1 (Foundation): Tuesday 29th March – Friday 22nd April 2016
Module 2: Monday 25th July – Friday 2nd September 2016
Module 3: Monday 3rd April – Friday 21st April 2017
Module 4: Tuesday 1st August – Thursday 7th September 2017
Module 5: Monday 2nd April – Saturday 21st April 2018
Module 6: Monday 6th August – Friday 7th September 2018

Module 1 covers the content of the 3-6 approach with an emphasis on the way it underpins the work of the second plane (6-12) child. This module is only compulsory for those who do not hold an AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma. Modules 2-6 will cover the elementary components (the child age 6-12)

Application is now closed for 2016. Next course dates TBC.

*These dates may be subject to change and TBC dates

Contact us to express an interest.

The intensive course covers:

  • Montessori Child Psychology and Child Development with particular emphasis on the child from 6-12 years
  • Montessori Educational Theory and Practice for the child between 6 and 12 to include Mathematics, Language, History, Physical and Biological Sciences, Physical and Political Geography, Music and the Arts
  • Compiling nine albums, one for each area of the course

A more detailed description of the Course units is available here.

Observation and Teaching Practice

  • Three weeks of observation and four weeks of teaching practice – full days
  • To be completed outside of the course modules across the two years
  • Observation and teaching practice in schools run by AMI trained 6-12 Montessori teacher

Award of Diploma
The diploma is awarded to students who

  • Have satisfied the 90% attendance requirements
  • Are successful in the theory and practical examinations and have completed coursework to the required standard
  • Have fulfilled the AMI Observation and Teaching Practice requirements


Please complete the application form online. You will need to support your application with a digital photograph, references, details of your education, your work experience, a supporting personal statement and the relevant medical and police clearance forms. The personal statement should include the following:  Why you want to do the course; the personal and academic qualities that make you suitable for the course; any personal or academic challenges that may affect your performance on the course and your plans for the future.

On receipt of this and payment of the application fee you will be invited for an interview in person or video conference.

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