We welcome Prince George to the Montessori community

The Maria Montessori Institute is happy to hear that Prince George will be attending a Montessori school established by AMI teachers trained at our Training Centre in London.

Lynne Lawrence, Executive Director of AMI, was delighted that Prince George will be joining a global community of children educated using the Montessori approach that focuses on creating a love of learning, confidence in their own abilities and a sense of social responsibility towards others and the environment in which they live.

The Montessori approach is brain based developmental education that allows children to make creative choices in how they discover the people, places and knowledge of the world. It emphasises hands-on learning, self-expression and collaborative play in a beautifully crafted environment of respect, peace and joy.

In the words of a former pupil, Mrs Sarah Nicassio, “The time I spent with you at Montessori was the happiest time of my life. To experience learning in such a pure form, to be given the freedom to learn what I felt like learning at any given time, to focus absolutely in total tranquility in the work which I had chosen for as long as I needed and at the very moment when I felt that there was some confusion, some uncertainty, for the teacher to appear, miraculously, and not tell me what to do, nor how to do it, but make some suggestion which, when followed would invariably lead to the discovery I needed to make, the feeling of fog lifting and the joy of clarity, of comprehension. It was pure bliss, every day I was there. I have not subsequently found any means to recreate the purity of learning, discovering, exploring, and having no other responsibilities, objectives or targets to cloud that learning. This is why I still say that this time was my happiest.”

Imagine a place where a child can explore their world, discover new knowledge and realise their potential, a place where they really want to come to school each day. This is Montessori.

For more information on the Maria Montessori Institute, please email info@mariamontessori.org.