What makes a Montessori educator a Montessori educator? Online talk – 28th July 2021

Join our Head of Training Louise Livingston, for this live discussion with Matt Bateman, Vice President of Pedagogy at Higher Ground on Wednesday 28th July at 5pm UK time/ 12pm (noon) EST. They will talk about what makes Montessori different to mainstream approaches. Louise will explain why you can use all the Montessori materials in the world and still not be taking a Montessori approach, but you can have a Montessori approach even without any materials! The event is free to attend on smartphone app, Clubhouse – join it here. If you do not already have Clubhouse downloaded, enter your phone number when you click this link to RSVP to the event and download the app free of charge. To download the app on your PC or Mac go to www.clubdeck.app