If you would like to contribute to the work of the Maria Montessori Institute you can now make a donation online. Simply log in to My Montessori and complete our donation form, where as well as selecting to Gift Aid you can also choose what you would like your donation to go towards.

You can donate to:

  • In Memory of Hilla Patell – Hilla requested that anyone wishing to recognize her life be asked to make a contribution to a children’s charity rather than send flowers. You can do this by pressing the Donation Form button.
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Hood – Elizabeth requested that contributions be made to Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing instead of sending flowers. This can be done through the Donation Form button.
  • The provision of assisted places for children whose families would otherwise not be able to send children to our School.
  • Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing – we provide training on using Montessori to improve the lives of those with dementia and offer bursaries for those who cannot afford to attend.
  • Born Inside – a project to support mothers’ of children who are ‘Born Inside’ and to provide children with a developmentally sound start inside prison. The aim is to stage an intervention that may break the cycle of offending and give both mothers and children a better start in life.
  • Corner of Hope – a project which aims to introduce Montessori teacher training and education to populations in emergency situations such as Refugee/IDP/Disaster camps.

Donation Form

If you do not have a preference then the Board of Trustees of the Maria Montessori Institute will determine the use to which your donation will be put.

You can also donate to us via The Giving Machine – raise free donations for the Maria Montessori School when you shop online via our webpage –