Children’s House (nursery)

The Montessori Children’s House (nursery or preschool age) is a mixed-age environment specifically designed to help children between the ages of 2½ to 6 years to develop at their own pace, choosing their own activities from the Montessori materials displayed in an ordered and accessible way.

Children work individually or in groups, with hands-on activities designed to help them develop physically, socially and intellectually. Each activity is complete in itself; and also prepares for later activities so that the children move from one activity to the next, mastering each new challenge with ease. Children explore and find things out for themselves. They become confident in their own abilities because the environment naturally encourages them to persevere and correct their own mistakes.

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Children develop the ability to concentrate on tasks and see them through in a logical way. They learn to read and write with ease and develop an understanding of mathematics through exploration of concepts in concrete form develop. There is ample opportunity for exploration of the world, the animals, people and plants in it and children express themselves through music, drama and art.

We have Children’s Houses at all five of our school sites:

Abbey Road (NW6)
Bayswater (W2)
Hampstead (NW3)
Hornsey Rise (N19)
Notting Hill (W11 – Mandarin Bilingual School)

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Images of our Children’s Houses across all 5 school sites