Blog: Letting Children Listen to their Natural Instincts

Parents around the world, are facing many challenges as they spend more time at home with their families due to Covid-19. They may feel under pressure to find time for work, to keep the household running and to keep the children busy and occupied. They will be spending time searching for creative ideas that will engage their children.

Yet, Maria Montessori said: “Under the urge of nature and according to the laws of development, the child is obliged to be serious about two fundamental things . . . the first is the love of activity . . . the second fundamental thing is independence.”

Whilst all children have different interests and capacities that need nurturing, bearing in mind all children’s love of independence may help parents to organise and structure activities or places in the home that will enable children to be actively independent. Parents should give children the chance to work alongside them as they care for the home, plan and prepare food, lay tables, sort drawers, tidy, water and grow plants.

Parents can also create spaces or tables where children can find and use resources to explore their interests – a box that contains egg boxes and other used packaging, a set of coloured pencils, a pack of plain paper, paint and brushes, ruler, assorted fabrics, sticks, leaves, petals and ‘found’ items from a walk – all can be utilised. And parents should also be reassured that boredom is a valuable commodity as it can be a precursor to creativity!

Below are some resources that may support and inspire parents at this time including Montessori guidance as well as online resources and podcasts.

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The Montessori Notebook
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David Walliams Audio Books
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Ted Talks TED-Ed
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Thousands of children’s books, stories and audio content on Audible

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The Big Life Kids Podcast
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Poinsy Pino
Acting Head of School