Born Inside


Born Inside is an initiative funded by MMI and co-ordinated by MMI lecturer Beverley Maragh and psychotherapist Pamela Wyndham-Stewart. It aims to provide a parental support programme for the residents of HMP Bronzefield’s mother and baby unit.

It is a pilot project to show how Montessori techniques and training can be delivered to the most vulnerable infants and mothers whilst they are held in detention. It encourages self-reliance and responsible parenting. Pamela and Beverley have been delivering weekly sessions designed to ensure that the vulnerable infants on the unit are given a developmentally sound start to life.

The sessions take place in a specially created Montessori environment that enables appropriate physical, psychological and emotional care for the babies. The space is equipped with a movement area and simple, handmade, developmentally appropriate toys. Mirrors and balls are used to teach babies to move and explore, reading and singing is encouraged to help with verbal development.

By helping to effect these developments a strong maternal bond is forged. It is hoped that this will act as a strong incentive not to reoffend as the mothers will be reluctant to be separated from their children again. Armed with a healthier developmental start to life, their infants are less likely to engage in antisocial behaviour in the future. Born Inside has the potential to break intergenerational cycles of offending.

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