At what age can I register my child for your nursery, preschool or school?
You may register your child to join our Children’s House (nursery) as soon as they are born. Most children start with us at 2 ½ to 3 years but occasionally places are available for other ages.

Will there be an opportunity to visit my preferred nursery/ preschool/ primary school site?
We offer open days and opportunities to observe at our nurseries/ schools. You can book to attend one of our open days. We will invite parents/ carers who have already applied when their child is getting closer to the age when they can start at our nursery/ preschool.

Can my child join the Elementary class (primary/ prep) if they have not been in the Children’s House (nursery/ preschool)
We welcome children from other Montessori schools or nurseries. Children who have not been educated in a Montessori environment do not usually join our elementary school but please email us if you would like further information about this.

If my child has been in your Children’s House (nursery/ preschool) are they guaranteed a place in your Elementary (prep/ primary)?
Yes, all children who attend our Children’s House (nursery) are automatically guaranteed a place in our Elementary (primary school).

Can my child attend for a few sessions a week rather than every day?
Children benefit developmentally from attending 5 days a week so our Children’s Houses (nursery/ preschool) only offer a 5-day programme.

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?
Yes. Here is some information about how to apply for tax free childcare.

Is your nursery/ preschool/ school registered for the Early Years Funding?
This is available at some of our school sites – please email us for further details.

Will my child stay all day?
Our nursery/ school day starts at 8.45am. Our younger children generally leave at midday and when they are ready we will ask you if they would like to stay for lunch and the afternoon.

Do you offer after school care?
We don’t offer this but our Elementary children may attend after school clubs.