AMI Montessori Diploma 6-12

Become a fully qualified Montessori primary guide for children aged 6-12 years with the globally recognised qualification now offered in an accessible blended study format.

Study our AMI 6-12 Montessori Diploma to become a Montessori Primary Guide. Blended study options available.

Learn how to respond to children’s insatiable appetite for learning and how to ignite their imagination by providing them with the keys to explore the universe. Discover Montessori theory and practice to support the unique needs and interests of children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Blended Study Format

Our new blended learning course provides an accessible format which combines live online sessions three evenings a month with two 4-week blocks of study in London and additional study and teaching practice in locations to suit students. It is ideally suited to those already working in a Montessori school or looking to expand their school to offer Elementary and is also open to those new to Montessori. We expect students to join us from across the UK and around the world. The current course is led by experienced Montessorian and internationally-renowned trainer Alison Awes, our 6-12 Course Director.

“Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorise, but to touch their imagination to enthuse them to their inmost core.”

Maria Montessori

Explore our Training Centre Virtual Open Day or register for an online training information session with a trainer. You can also request a video of an information session on this course with Course Director Alison Awes.
Study our AMI 6-12 Montessori Diploma to become a Montessori Primary Guide. Blended study options available.

What Students Say

“Taking this course is really the best thing I ever did! It has changed my life path completely.”
“The experience of the trainers was amazing.”
“I particularly liked the community of students and how we supported each other and being such an international group.”
“The best part was the positive transformation in my character as a teacher.”

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What could I do with this qualification?

• Work in Montessori Elementary classes anywhere in the world
• Set up your own Montessori school or expand your school to include children from six to twelve years
• Use your qualification in your work as a teacher, educator or school administrator or for social work, research in child development, nannying or childminding
• Run ground-breaking child or family support programmes
• Enhance and inform the parenting of your own children

When and where can I study?

Our current course runs from 9th May 2023 – 17th April 2025 in a two-year blended learning format online and in central London with additional directed study and teaching practice placements in your own time.

Applications for our 2023-2025 course are now closed. Our next course is likely to run 2025-2027 – register your interest in this course and we will be in touch when new dates are announced. You can still apply to take our AMI Diploma 3-6 this year which starts every September.

Our next course is likely to include:

Live online sessions: two hour sessions approximately 3 times per month
In-person in central London: two 4-week blocks
Observation and teaching practice: in classrooms accessible to students, scheduled flexibly during the course
Practical sessions and material demonstrations supervised by a mentor: scheduled flexibly during the course

Explore our Training Centre Virtual Open Day or register for an online training information session with a trainer.

How will I study?

• Lectures, demonstrations, discussion and activities in live online sessions and in-person modules
• 220 hours of observation and teaching practice
• Theory and practice with Montessori materials designed for those from six to twelve years at the Maria Montessori Institute’s model prepared environment in Central London and the student’s own community with supervision from an experienced mentor
• Independent reading, study (including video recordings of material presentations), and material making

You will need 15-20 hours a week to study throughout the course in addition to the live online sessions and in-person modules.

What will I learn?

• Montessori Pedagogy and Philosophy: the natural development of the child from six to twelve years of age, with an understanding of the stages of development and approach that proceed and follow this time
• An interdisciplinary approach to the study of human beings, their endeavours and relationship with the universe for children from six to twelve years.
• Language: the development of language, reading and language exercises suited to the period of development, spoken language and literature and how to support vocabulary, grammar and composition
• Mathematics: the development of the Mathematical Mind through direct and indirect preparation leading to abstraction, the story of numbers, arithmetic, geometry, algebra.
• Science: explored through stories and experiments in areas including natural geography and the creation of the Earth, and human geography including how people have met their needs and the interdependence of humans
• Biology: explored through stories and experiments and focused on botany, zoology and ecology
• History: stories and timelines aid in the presentation of natural and human history including geology, the coming of life on earth and the development of civilisations
• Music: music theory, singing, listening, movement and rhythm, playing instruments, including the Montessori tone bars
• Art: principles and elements, as explored through two and three dimensional materials

Who can take this course?

Minimum of degree or equivalent and successful interview. In the absence of a degree, life and work experience will be considered. English proficiency at C1 or higher. You do not need an AMI Diploma 3-6 to take this course – the 3-6 Foundation module will be integrated into the course content.

Here are the required documents to apply for the course.

Do you accept students from outside the UK?

Our students come from all over the world and our fees are the same for everyone. International students may require a Standard Visitor Visa for the two in-person blocks in London. Read more on our page for international students.

What will I need to do to gain the qualification?

  • 100 hours of child observation
  • 160 hours of practical sessions under the guidance of your assigned mentor
  • 120 hours of teaching practice at an approved school
  • Submission of written assignments and albums/materials
  • Written and oral examinations
  • 90% course attendance

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blended Study Format

Have questions about this new blended study format? Please read our FAQs.

Change the world one child at a time!

Explore our Training Centre Virtual Open Day or register for an online training information session with a trainer.