Universal Children’s Day 2023 at the Maria Montessori School

In celebration of Universal Children’s Day children at our school talked about children’s rights worldwide, read books about togetherness and underprivileged communities, particularly those who are suffering terrible warfare conditions. This supported the aims of the day which are to promote international togetherness and awareness among children and to work towards improving children’s welfare.

At our Hornsey Rise site, the children read a book called “We Are All Neighbours” by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman and spoke about the meaning of neighbour and community and how schools are a community.

They then did a Montessori Grace and Courtesy lesson which involved asking their friends if they wanted a hug or not and what could be replied if the receiving child didn’t want a hug. All the children practiced asking, replying and hugging if both parties wanted this.

The children then painted a big world in green and blue and each of them took it in turns to paint their hand blue to add to the painting.

At both of the Children’s Houses in Hampstead, the children came dressed in blue (the Universal Children’s Day colour) and read several books. At the Coach House they read ‘It’s No Money Day’ by Kate Milner, a gentle, poignant and powerful exploration of food banks and life below the poverty line and ‘One World, One Day’ by Barbara Kelley. Both classes also read ‘A life like mine’ which talks about how different children live around the world.

The children in both classes brought in lightly used clothes, shoes, handbags and soft toys to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital.