Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision
A world where Montessori education is empowering the next generation to be happier, more fulfilled and better able to make a positive difference to their family, their community and the planet

Our Mission

  • We provide world-recognised Montessori teacher training and short courses for parents, professionals and anyone interested in Montessori.
  • We run exemplar schools offering the highest-quality and most authentic Montessori education for 2-12 year olds.
  • We champion the power of the Montessori approach at every stage of life and run targeted Montessori initiatives to support children in the UK and around the world.

Our Values

Joyful – Our schools, offices and training centre are friendly places and we are positive and optimistic in our approach.

Caring – We support our students, our children and families and one another.

Inquisitive – We are self-reflective and curious.

Integrity – We are true to our beliefs, we are always polite and professional and offer the best quality and value we can.

Inclusive and collaborative – We value difference and respect the contribution that any individual or organisation can make.