Festive Season 2023 at the Maria Montessori School

Children across all five sites of the Maria Montessori School have been doing several activities in preparation for and celebration of Christmas and Hanukkah. 



From making decorations which the children then hung onto the tree, to baking gingerbread cookies, to making their own trees out of cardboard which were either propped on the floor or hung on the wall, to learning how Hanukkah is celebrated.


The children at Hornsey Rise also created their very own advent calendar and thought of some kind actions that they could carry out such as making snacks or a picture for their friends, or offering someone a hug or being the teacher for the morning and helping others – all of these kind gestured were popped into the drawers of the advent calendar and the children then took it in turns to choose one each morning. This was a really lovely ritual that also involved lighting a candle and having a moment of quiet reflection on something they love. One of the things the children said they love is potatoes and another, their friends!

Season’s Greetings from all of us at the Maria Montessori Institute and School!


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