Freedom and Joy at our School this Term

As all our children returned to school this month, the children once again had the opportunity to work and grow within their full communities and this was a cause for celebration. The Montessori environment is uniquely special, the freedom granted to the children to explore, to assess the needs of their community and act, to make mistakes and learn from them, to think for themselves, and to communicate their thoughts and opinions in a meaningful and courteous way. It has been delightful to observe the children living out these values upon being reunited at school.
Our Abbey Road Children’s House has been buzzing with counting. There was great excitement as one child chose to count the 1000 chain made of golden beads, counting and placing labels from 1 to 1000. Another child chose the Sandpaper numbers, carrying out lots of practice to meet their inner drive for perfection.
This term at Notting Hill Children’s House, we celebrated Chinese New Year, exploring traditions and history. The children had fun learning how to say Happy New Year in Chinese and making beautiful lanterns to take home.
At Hampstead Garden Class, the children have been very excited to welcome fish to the community, studying how to best care for them with some children eagerly working to fill and prepare the tank. As we felt the beginnings of Spring, the children have been enjoying the garden, harvesting winter greens and practising their woodworking skills.
While at Hampstead Upper Elementary, the children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and World Book Day, learning how to write in Chinese and dressing up as characters from their favourite books. Exploring festivals are an opportunity to expand vocabulary as well as discover cultures from around the world.
Observing our children and families arrive at our school on the 8th March was overwhelming in all the best ways. The children were so excited to see everyone again and their joy radiated through the school. The smiles on the children’s faces, the warm greetings from parents, and the sense of excitement from teachers preparing to receive the children were all incredibly encouraging.


As I moved through the environments late in the morning on the first day all the children returned, I observed an older child in the Children’s House take the initiative to help a younger child struggling to empty a bucket of water into the sink. I overheard a Lower Elementary child gently remind her peers how to handle the classroom materials and listened to three Upper Elementary children discuss their schedules and agree on a time they would meet to complete their work together. The emphasis placed on character development in Montessori education is unparalleled, and to witness character development in action across all ages is pure joy.

We are so glad all the children are back!

Michel Capobianco, Head of School