“You’re learning from the best Montessorians in the world”

Phoebe Hollings graduated from our one year AMI Diploma 3-6. She works at the Maria Montessori School in Hampstead and her future dreams include lobbying for change in the government’s approach to early education. She shares her experience of training with us and her career so far:

I have always been drawn to doing meaningful, purposeful work and I think the idea of training in Montessori satisfied something larger within me.

I had previously worked for a non-profit nursing and midwifery organisation and I wanted to work in a sector that I was both passionate about and naturally interested in but also one where I felt like I could contribute. Early years combined my interests and skills. In my previous job I worked next door to the Maria Montessori Institute’s central London training centre so walking past the door everyday meant I became curious to know what Montessori was about. Having worked in an office for a while I was also craving physical, practical work and Montessori teaching certainly satisfied that and more!

My experience of training was very positive. The approach is very robust and practical and theoretical aspects are expertly combined. Practical repetition of working with the Montessori teaching materials really helped to build my confidence. It was demanding course – what we went through together was almost like a baptism of fire and I will never ever forget that. But you are surrounded by a very supportive community – both the trainers and other students on the course.

The Maria Montessori Institute is the UK’s only AMI training centre offering the globally-recognised Montessori teacher training and it is recognised for its quality around the world. The training team enjoy a great reputation and I wasn’t disappointed. To learn from them I think you are probably learning from the best Montessorians in the world.

I took the two-year course as I am from Cumbria and this more suited to me. I used my savings for course fees and living expenses and also received a bursary from the Institute.

Since graduating I worked at a Montessori school in East London and I am now working for the Maria Montessori School in Hampstead. At both schools I have enjoyed being with big, busy full classes.

I am fascinated by younger children: their capacity for both wisdom and hilarity. I find that being around young children is revitalising, unpredictable, raw and curious.

Training as a Montessori teacher has opened my eyes to so many possibilities. In the long term I would potentially like to work as an advocate or lobbyist for education for organisations working with the government. Or perhaps working with parents of young children helping to create an optimal home environment or working with people setting up nursery schools. Perhaps one day, I may even write a children’s book!

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