The Maria Montessori School celebrates Universal Children’s Day

Children at the Maria Montessori School did a number of different activities to celebrate Universal Children’s Day 2022 on Monday 21st November.

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At the Abbey Road Children’s House, they learnt and reflected on children’s rights, coming up with these ideas:

  • The right to have a home
  • The right to go to school
  • The right to experience kindness and be kind to others
  • The right to join groups
  • The right to play
  • The right to grow bigger and have a job
  • The right to have clothes
  • The right to dress themselves
  • The right to share and be loving
  • The right to have food

This sparked a discussion about the importance of food and giving, so they baked bread and brought several items of food and toiletries to give to the Church Food Bank which they will take later this week.

At the Hornsey Rise and Hampstead Children’s Houses the children read books reflecting on the day’s themes. Some of these books were:

“We are all neighbours” which gave them an understanding of neighbourhood and community. It celebrates diversity, kindness and the power of community, where everyone is welcome.

“It’s a No-Money Day” reminding them of the collection they’d made to donate to the Food Bank. It gave them ideas of fun things to do that don’t cost any money and raised awareness of things they can do to help people that are not as fortunate as we are.

“Last stop on Market Street” taking them on an imaginary bus ride with CJ and his grandmother, discovering the beauty and wonder of their vibrant neighbourhood. The book’s themes were that there is magic in unexpected places, and that there are celebrations to be had in everyday life.

“Malala’s Magic Pencil” is the true story of one girl’s wish for a better world. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.

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On Friday, the children will be making pizza and offering it to St. Mary’s Church, where there is a ‘Join us for a hot meal’ every Friday afternoon. Everyone is excited about their ingredients and toppings for their pizza as well as about sharing with the neighbourhood and the community!

The Hampstead Coach House brought in donations and at Hornsey Rise the children will be making pizza on Friday to donate to their local church.

In the Hampstead lower elementary classes, the children also reflected on children’s rights, made posters to advertise a bake sale fundraiser for children in Ukraine and made beaded bracelets to share with their classmates.

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