AMI Refresher Courses

Refresh your Montessori knowledge

These advanced courses are an opportunity to refresh and revive your Montessori training and to connect with fellow Montessorians. The AMI Refreshers are on a different topic each time but always focus on key elements of the Montessori approach.

AMI Refresher courses are open to those who hold a Montessori Diploma (see each course for details).

What Students Say:
“Highly recommended. So professional.”
“It brought a fresh layer to my Montessori knowledge and practice. A pleasure to learn and further appreciate Montessori’s genius. I was buzzing with ideas/plans after each session.”
“I learned new ideas to work with children and shared experiences.”
“Excellent – format is perfect would not change anything.”
“Very inspiring to meet fellow Montessorians from all over the globe.”

AMI Refresher 3-6

Our 2023 AMI Refresher 3-6 will take place on the 17th and 18th November 2023.

Keep me up-to-date on future AMI Refresher 3-6 courses.

AMI Refresher 6-12

Keep me up-to-date on future AMI Refresher 6-12 courses. We will be in touch when new dates are announced.