AMI Montessori Diploma 0-3 (Assistants to Infancy)

The study of the human being from birth to three years old

Study in-depth the Montessori approach for children in the first three years of life with this globally-recognised qualification. Discover child development and the latest medical and psychological approaches.

“All that we ourselves are has been made by the child we were in the first two years of our lives.”

Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

This fascinating course will put you at the forefront of understanding early child development and could help you to change the face of education for babies and toddlers. The course prepares adults to help children fully develop to their individual human potential.

What Students Say

“A beautiful journey . . . everything made sense.”
“Listening to the different trainers was wonderful.”
“What I found most useful was the knowledge and the personal experience of the trainers.”

Student Stories:

“Whether you are working in education, psychology, social work, play therapy, or are a parent, or are simply interested in human development, this really is a once in a lifetime experience. Among the students on the 0-3 Diploma, we would often say “How has nobody told us this before?!” Read Sarah Emerson’s story

“Studying the 0-3 AMI diploma was one of the best decisions of my life. I became the lead Montessori directress of an Infant Community and went on to be involved with charities and training. I am currently on maternity leave and I can’t wait to give the best start in life to my own little one following the Montessori philosophy.” Read Katalin Lovassy’s story

“After the completing the course I set up toddler groups, baby groups and parenting workshops to share my new knowledge. Parents consistently express their gratitude and astonishment at how we can easily solve their challenges using simple Montessori principles! If you’re wondering whether it’s better than any other teacher training my answer is yes, go for it!” Read Rochelle Cutler’s story

What could I do with this qualification?

  • Work in Montessori infant communities anywhere in the world
  • Set up your own Montessori setting for children from birth to three years
  • Use your qualification for social work, research in child development, midwifery, health visiting, nannying or childminding
  • Run ground-breaking parent-infant programmes such as our Born Inside programme which supports mothers in prison
  • Enhance and inform the parenting of your own children

When and where can I study?

Our next course starts in July 2022 and is now closed to applications. It runs in a two summer modular format at the Maria Montessori School in Hampstead, London, plus additional online sessions during the year.

Interested in future dates? Keep me up-to-date on AMI Diploma 0-3 courses We will email you when new dates are announced.

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How will I study?

  • Lectures, seminars and guided observations with our trainers – experienced Montessorians with the AMI trainer of trainers qualification
  • 250 hours observation
  • Theory and practice with Montessori materials designed for those from birth to three years
  • Independent reading and study

What will I learn?

  • Montessori Pedagogy and Philosophy: the natural development of the child from conception to three years of age
  • Anatomy and Physiology: The workings of the physical body
  • Obstetrics: Prenatal, birth and postnatal development
  • Nutrition and Hygiene: Maternal care, digestive system, food preparation and health issues
  • Development of Movement and Development of Language
  • Environment: Preparation of the home and Infant Community as an aid to human development within the first three years of life
  • Music, Art and Spiritual Development
  • Observations: Practical training for observation of children in homes and infant communities

Read a detailed description of the course and units.

Who can take this course?

You must be at least 18 and have ‘A’ levels or equivalent qualifications/ work experience. Here are the required documents to apply for the course.

Do you accept students from outside the UK?

• Our students come from all over the world and our fees are the same for everyone
• International students may require a Visitor Visa – please contact us with any queries

Read more on our page for international students.

What will I need to do to gain the qualification?

  • Observations to include: birth to 12 months, 12 months – three years
  • Practicum evaluation
  • Submission of albums/materials
  • Material making
  • Written and oral examinations
  • 90% course attendance

Change the world one child at a time!

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