AMI Assistants Adjunct

This course is an adjunct to the AMI Orientation and provides an opportunity to practice as a Montessori assistant and gain AMI certification. 

Who is the course for?

The course is open to anyone who has already completed an AMI Orientation at the relevant age level (or AMI Assistants Course). It offers those working or planning to work as a Montessori Assistant the opportunity to learn about practical approaches from online sessions and gain recognition for their practical experience as an assistant. You will be assessed by an AMI trained teacher and gain an AMI certificate.

Why should I take this course?

If you are planning to work as an Assistant in a Children’s House or other Montessori environment, this course will greatly increase your chances of finding a role and being successful and happy in it. If you are already working in a Montessori environment this course will enhance your ability to support the lead adult and interact with the children, increasing your enjoyment of your role and outcomes for the children.

What will I learn?

Through online training sessions and practice with children you will:

  • Explore the role of an Assistant in a Montessori prepared environment under the direction of an individual holding an AMI Diploma
  • Develop skills to create a successful partnership with the lead adult in the environment
  • Explore ways to develop relationships of mutual respect and trust with the children
  • Learn how to apply pedagogical techniques employed in the Montessori prepared environment

When and where can I study?

The course has two components:

  • 8 hours of live online training sessions, followed by:
  • 12 hours of practical engagement in an AMI Montessori prepared environment – it is the student’s responsibility to locate and do the practical part of the course in an AMI Montessori prepared environment under the supervision of an AMI Diploma holder at the relevant age level

Upcoming Courses

AMI Assistants Adjunct 3-6

Next dates to be announced. Interested in future dates? Keep me up-to-date on future AMI Assistants Adjunct 3-6 courses

Online sessions must be completed before environment practice. 

Do you accept students from outside the UK?

Our students come from all over the world and our fees are the same for everyone. As this course is online and in a Montessori prepared environment the course could be taken anywhere in the world. However, the online sessions are live at UK time.

Will you organise a practice placement and/or the AMI Diploma holder to complete the assessment?

The student will organize their own placement and send details of the environment, including the lead adult’s AMI certification.

What will I need to do to gain the qualification?

  • A minimum of 90% attendance of the online sessions
  • 12 hours practical experience assessed by an AMI Diploma Holder
  • Completion of the material making project

More information on 3-6 course content

  • Overview of the Montessori 3-6 Prepared Environment
  • Maintaining the Indoor and Outdoor Environment for ages 3-6
  • The Role of the Lead Adult in a Montessori 3-6 Prepared Environment
  • The Role of the Assistant in a Montessori 3-6 Prepared Environment
  • The Importance of Regular Meetings with the Lead Adult in the Environment
  • The Importance of Confidentiality in the Assistant’s Role
  • Supporting Functional Independence
  • Exploration of Activities Appropriate to the Assistant’s Role for ages 3-6, for example:
  • Observation to support the work of the children and adults during ages 3-6
  • Spoken Language Activities; the importance of correct, precise, rich and scientifically exact vocabulary; listening to children; eliciting language; the Three Period Lesson
  • Adult movement in the Prepared Environment as a model
  • Essential Grace and Courtesy in the Prepared Environment
  • Activities for Art and Music