Professional Development for Montessori Teachers

Our courses for those trained in Montessori offer opportunities to refresh and expand your knowledge or practice and to connect with the Montessori community and your fellow alumni.

MMI Observation Course (Post Diploma)

A scientific observation of children using techniques developed by Maria Montessori over the course of a year. Students gain a deeper understanding of the Montessori approach and how it is applied in the Children’s House.

  • Online sessions every 2 weeks during term-time
  • Chinese translation option available

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Montessori and Learning Differences – A neurodevelopmental approach

Discover how to support children with learning differences in the Montessori 3-6 years environment using the latest neurodevelopmental approaches. Understand how to observe differences in children and respond in a way that supports each unique child to thrive, irrespective of their disability.

  • In-person modules and online sessions
  • Suitable for those trained in Montessori at 3-6 years

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AMI Refreshers 3-6 and 6-12

Each year we hold invigorating and sociable AMI Refresher courses focused on a specific topic for 3-6 and 6-12 graduates.

  • Courses usually run over two days in London in November
  • Open to all Montessori Diploma holders for the relevant stage of development

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Montessori and Children’s Emotional Well-being – for Teachers

Sarah Emerson will explain how Children’s House teachers can support children’s emotional development and resilience using the Montessori approach and the latest research in this area.

  • Online – 6 sessions
  • Open to all Montessori Diploma holders for the 3-6 years stage of development

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To Will Or Not To Will

To Will Or Not To Will is a short online course for Montessori teachers, working with children under six years. Explore how to balance the adult’s will against the child’s will in order to provide environments that are true enablers of children’s development.  

  • Online – 3 sessions – Mandarin translation available
  • For those with a Montessori 3-6 Diploma or assistants working with this age group

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Other Courses

If you would like to explore a new stage of development you may also be interested in our AMI Orientation (formerly Assistants Certificate) courses, one of AMI Diplomas at a different stage of development and other online courses.


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