Montessori for Ageing and Dementia Certificate

The Montessori for Ageing and Dementia Certificate  will qualify you to serve as a resource to help others to learn about this innovative intervention for older adults and those living with dementia. You will also be competent in developing and implementing Montessori environments.

If you are undertaking the certification competency assessment:

  • You will previously have completed a two-day workshop in how to develop and implement Montessori Environments to support older people and those living with dementia.
  • You understand the principles and techniques for developing and implementing Montessori Environments.

Once you have submitted the application form below and made payment, we will pass your details onto Montessori Ageing Support Services (MASS) who will be in touch to arrange the Trainer who will be assessing you.

The coursework will need to be completed within 6 months from the date of the two-day workshop you have attended.

For further information about the assessment requirements and process please click here.

Fee: £250